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Yolk DTA entry by sinotus
Yolk DTA entry
My entry for Pand-ASS chimera DTA! 
I immediately fell in love with this design and wanted to doodle something up quickly?? and a doodle turned into this haha 

:star: Name: Yolk
:star: Gender: Has no specified gender, but identifies as male
:star: Likes: Water, wearing blankets, warmth and chatting with others
:star: Dislikes: Loud noises, darkness

Design and original art are by Pand-ASS

Side note; I've been sick lately so I'm sorry to my commissioners for being slow! Im feeling a lot better now though, so I'll get to your commission asap uwu This is mainly focused towards Tikrekins, NekoAisling and zestiria
I have a lot of adopted characters that really haven't clicked to me, so this will be a journal where I'll post characters I'm selling/tradeing away ;v; 
Sometimes these will have a set price!

Please offer: 
- money 
- points 
- art (no art slavery) 

1. 10$ by sinotus- by sinotus

Acid dog design from Shegoran, comes with a piece of art that can be seen next to the original drawing!
Price: 5$/500 :points:

2. #2 by sinotus - by sinotus
Deer design (#2) from MUTTD0G. Comes with a piece of art that can also be seen next to the original drawing! 
Price: 5$/500 :points:
Since I moved out, my mother won't be paying all of my needs by herself anymore, so I need to gather money for school books, food, bills and other important things ;o; I'm trying to get as much money as I can, so these will be open as long as I can keep up. 

Finished buttons will be 600x600 pixels. You can pay with points ( 1$ = 100 points) or paypal!
Example of a shaded button: Sino button by sinotusEellie Button by sinotusBean button by sinotus

If you plan to commission me, you need to fill in this form

Character ref:
Button bg colour (optional):
Shading (+2$):
total price/payment method: 

Approved button slots:
1. Pungrotter /PAID/DONE/SENT
2. eellie /PAID/DONE/SENT
3. NekoAisling /PAID/STARTED
4. zestiria /PAID

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